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All our staffs are welcoming customers at Samtegang.
Traditional Korean food has developed over the past thousand years. The characteristic of Korean food is that, it is nature-friendly and contributes to human health and longevity. Typical examples are fermented foods such as bean paste and kimchi.

The container that makes this fermented food is "Danjee".Danjee is made by baking it at temparature above 10000 C.

The surface of Danjee is made with many fine pores so that the air can ciruclate well and the freshness of the foo can ne maintained even stored for a long time. In addition, the carbon gain and Iye harmful microbes added when making Danjee. It acts as a natural preservative to survive and matures or ferments food.

Our hope is to offer customers variety of delicious traditional Korean also fusion dishes.

Thank you.

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